Watermelon Chronicles Part 1 – Salt-cured Watermelon, Roasted Cashews, Mint and Cream Cheese

We have a big watermelon. We did as many things as we can from this big ass watermelon we bought from a convenience store. It was fun.


I know what you’re thinking. This looks like tuna sashimi. Hah! Pretty cool illusion huh.

But no, it’s watermelon.:)

So! I got to learn about salt-curing watermelon recently when I read Angelo Sosa’s new book, Flavor Exposed. Pretty cool book, considering the fact that I can relate to most of the asian inspired flavor profiles from my asian roots. I chose to post this because it was so easy to make and so refreshingly fun to eat.

We have something like a salad here. It was constructed with the thought along the lines of watermelon feta salad and also the other fact that I do not like feta. Hence the watermelon and left-over Philadelphia cream cheese salad was born. Roasted cashews for texture and good flavor. Mint and olive oil for a little earthy fruity bright finishing touch. Very nice you know.

Thank you very much for reading this really short post. You will find the recipe just below! Stay tuned to find out what happened to the rest of the watermelon.

serves 4-6

500g watermelon, rinds removed and cut large dice
3tsp kosher salt
1tbsp mint, chopped
100ml extra virgin olive oil
2tsp freshly cracked black pepper
100g cashew nuts, roasted and smashed into bits
100g cream cheese, torn into bits

Lightly toss watermelon cubes in salt and chill for 30 mins. Meanwhile mix mint, pepper and olive oil. When watermelon is ready, pat them dry on kitchen paper and lightly toss them in mint and oil mixture. Sprinkle cashews and cheese. Serve cold.


5 thoughts on “Watermelon Chronicles Part 1 – Salt-cured Watermelon, Roasted Cashews, Mint and Cream Cheese

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  2. Hi! I am having a cocktail party and am always looking for new appetizers/small plates to serve. Do you think it would be possible to make the day of the party and then store for a few hours to serve in the evening? I am looking to have everything made in advance if possible.

    • Hi Sheila, I doubt it’d be a problem. I tried salting them and leaving it in the chiller for 4 hours and they still taste great, however you will find that the salt would have extracted plenty of liquid. What I did was to pat each salted watermelon cube on a kitchen towel before tossing them in oil.:) Yes, it’ll work!

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